based on “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.
Produced by KALJAN Productions.

Everyone knows the story about the businessman who has plenty of money but doesn’t like to spend it and is completely excluded from society, because of his greed.

We have created a modern Scrooge, who is also possessed by money and power, a person who is trapped in business and self-centered thoughts.  We see those type of people every day. We work with them and for them. We see the future of our planet and powerful people who prefer to ignore the threat of our existence and just keep on doing business.

Kaljan Production has decided to take voice in the dialog about the future of our planet. Without moralization, judge or coming up with the solution. We would like to look at modern humans from a different perspective.

We would like to dedicate the whole show to one of the strongest elements of the planet – WATER, the key element in our existence and future. An element often ignored by many.

We are lucky to have great, experienced musicians and choreographers in our production team, who will also step on stage and perform side by side with dancers and actors.

producer and choreographer

Justyna Lichacy / Norway | Poland /

second choreographer

Katarzyna Kizior / Izrael | Poland /

musicians, performers

Trude Eidtang and Christian Paulsen / Norway /

second producer, technician, script writer

Erik Borchsenius / Norway /


Na Dong / Norway | China /

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